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The Vein Clinic Ireland is a Private Medical Aesthetic Clinic which offers Minimally Invasive Non Surgical Procedures provided by Medical Professionals only! The procedures used at the clinic are not the same as what you will find on the high street! The treatments and products used at The Vein Clinic Ireland are for use by Medical Professionals only and are prescription strength!

The Vein clinic Ireland is situated in a discreet location in Millennium House and provides a specialised clinic for the removal of Thread Veins from the legs. This is a specialised surgical procedure and will require a Consultation and Doppler prior to treatment.

The Claudia McGloin Clinic which owns The Vein Clinic Ireland is also situated in Millennium House. This clinic offers an array of treatments such as Colonic Hydrotherapy, Genuine Dermaroller, Chemical Skin Peels, Anti Wrinkle Dermal Fillers for Lines and Wrinkles, Mesotherapy, Aqua Detox, Advanced Cosmetic Procedures and Vibro Plate.

Claudia McGloin Clinic also provide a variety of Medical Skincare products and treatments suitable for home use as well as medical make up and concealer. We also have our own brand of health supplements.

Claudia McGloin Clinic has also introduced a  Trauma and Orthopaedic Clinic for the treatment of Osteoarthritis as well as a Minor Surgery Clinic. The clinic provide Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for the removal of Lumps and Bumps from the skin.

The Vein Clinic Ireland provides the highest standard of healthcare to all clients and patients. Referrals are accepted directly from clients as well as from GP’s and Consultant Surgeons.

A detailed list of the treatments and prices offered by the Claudia McGloin Clinic can be found on the clinic website

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