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Claudia McGloin Clinic

Claudia McGloin Clinic is a private Medical Aesthetic, Trauma & Orthopaedic and Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinic. Situated in a discreet location in Millennium House, Stephen Street – the banking district of Sligo – all our clients and patients are guaranteed total privacy. The clinic offers a wide range of Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments and Minor Surgical Procedures which are carried out by highly qualified Medical and Surgical Professionals. These treatments are not the same as the ones found on the high street as all the treatments and products used at the Claudia McGloin Clinic are strictly for medical use only.

Claudia McGloin Clinic provides the highest standard of healthcare to all clients and patients. We set Gold Standards of Clinical Excellence and follow strict Medical and Surgical Protocols, Guidelines and Procedures to ensure Patient Safety. The clinic is a sterile surgical environment and only sterile disposable equipment is used.

The Vein Clinic Ireland which is a division of The Claudia McGloin Clinic specialises in Thread Vein Removal from the Legs by Microsclerotherapy. This clinic also runs from Millennium House.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday from 10AM to 5PM but can accomodate clients and patients who cannot attend the clinic during these hours with late evening and weekend appointments. The clinic is run on an appointment only basis ensuring privacy and dignity. We strive to never have clients and patients waiting for treatments. The clinic itself boasts a truly relaxing environment where you can chill and relax before your treatment and avail of complimentary beverages.

All treatments and procedures available are for both men and women.

Referrals are accepted directly from clients as well as from GP’s and Consultant Surgeons.

*There is a lift in the building for those who can’t take the stairs to the first floor*

Claudia McGloin Clinic offers clients from Northern Ireland a sessional clinic based in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.

Claudia McGloin will also be running a sessional clinic from Harley Street, London.

Call the clinic on 071 9140728 or email for more details.

Please note that not all procedures will be available outside of the Claudia McGloin Clinic due to the strict Clinical and Sterile requirements of some of the procedures which can only be performed at the Claudia McGloin Clinic.

We accept Laser, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro Card.

Gift Vouchers available.

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Claudia McGloin Clinic have been rated within the top 5% of clinics for customer service by patients after receiving 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK and qualifies the clinic for our a 2012 Customer Service award.

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