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Vein Conditions

This page will explain the various Vein Conditions and treatment options available.

The Vein Clinic Ireland liaises with and refers patients to Consultant Vascular Surgeons for further investigations and treatments that are currently not available at The Vein Clinic Ireland.

All patients who present to The Vein Clinic Ireland or the Claudia McGloin Clinic will have a Doppler and may have to be referred for a Venous Duplex Ultrasound Scan before treatment for Thread Veins on the legs can be undertaken at the clinics.

We endevour to do our very best for our patients and we are striving to ensure that ALL treatments, procedures and investigations will be available at The Vein Clinic Ireland in the near future so that our patients do not have to wait or travel for treatments.

We are also looking at setting up and running a dedicated DVT and Leg Ulcer Clinic in Sligo.

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